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Editorial: Rebate Grabbers at Capitol

Taxpayers Bill of Rights

EDITORIAL: Rebate grabbers at Colorado Capitol try a new scheme

State politicians are scheming to have Gov. Jared Polis call a special session this summer. They need a chance to fix their big problem with Proposition CC.
Prop CC, referred to the ballot by the 2019 Legislature, would gut the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights.

Surveys show TABOR, passed by voters in 1992, is more popular than ever.
Taxpayers like TABOR because voters do not trust politicians on either side of the aisle. They are tired of legislators passing laws that counter their will,
such as jobs-killing regulations of oil and gas that voters rejected on the ballot. They are tired of state officials acting broke while the economy generates mountains of surplus cash.

Read the entire editorial at the Gazette https://gazette.com/opinion/editorial-rebate-grabbers-try-a-new-scheme/article_7c6ed214-9d3c-11e9-bd51-5b54c9cc618c.html

Colorado voters to decide whether to dilute Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Colorado Democrats were successful in passing legislation this session that could chip away at the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) if voters give the majority party what they want.

TABOR is a constitutional amendment that requires voters to approve all tax increases. In addition to being a check on tax and spending increases, TABOR requires voter approval of debt increases. The amendment also ensures taxpayers receive refunds when the government's revenue increases faster than population growth plus inflation.

It’s also one of the most contentious and partisan issues at the Colorado capitol.

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